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Welcome to WLASL Homepage

WLASL is the largest video dataset for Word-Level American Sign Language (ASL) recognition, which features 2,000 common different words in ASL. We hope WLASL will facilitate the research in sign language understanding and eventually benefit the communication between deaf and hearing communities.


Please clone our repository for downloading. We suggest reading README before using the dataset.

We strive to ensure our users have an easy access to WLASL. If you encounter any issue in downloading, e.g. invalid links, please contact for assistance.



Licensed under the Computational Use of Data Agreement (C-UDA). Plaese refer to C-UDA-1.0.pdf for more information.


All the WLASL data is intended for academic and computational use only. No commercial usage is allowed. We highly respect copyright and privacy. If you find WLASL violates your rights, please contact us.


Please cite the WLASL paper if it helps your research:

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and our CVPR 2020 Best Paper Finalist paper

  title={Transferring cross-domain knowledge for video sign language recognition},
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Other works using WLASL dataset you might also be interested:

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